Sunday, 8 March 2015

Three Comics on my TBR (1): The Image Comics Edition

Welcome to a new (for me) feature! There are various TBR features around the internet such as Waiting on Wednesday and Stacking the Shelves, but I've decided do my own spin on this. Recently I've noticed that there's so many books I've marked as to read on my Goodreads account (over 1000...) that the ones I'm excited are releasing soon/beloved series to catch up on/books I've really wanted to read forever but haven't had time are getting lost among the masses.

This feature is influenced by Kelly Jensen's Three on a YA Theme posts at Book Riot. However, my picks won't always be YA, the feature will happen fortnightly and will alternate between three books and three comics.

Saga Volume Two:

I read Saga Volume One last year and it turned out to be one of the best reading decisions I've ever made. Basically, two star crossed lovers whose races are fighting in a galactic war try to escape the conflict with their newborn child. It's funny and sobering and heart-breaking and touching, all in a single issue! I brought the second volume as a present for myself last year and can't believe I haven't read it yet! Though, in all fairness, it has been buried under the pile of junk on my desk...

Chew Volume Six:

I read Volumes Three, Four and Five of Chew last month (reviews coming soon!) and I'm hooked until the bitter end. I never thought be reading a book about psychic cannibals... let alone enjoying it! I really want to find out what happened during the bird flu epidemic (or if it was ever real) and need to see more of Tony's crazy family.

The Wicked + The Divine Volume One:

The buzz I've heard online about this comic is really positive. I love the premise of gods being reborn every 90 years into the bodies of teenagers, but being vulnerable in their new lives. When I was last at my local comic store I had a quick flip through and let me tell you, the artwork is GORGEOUS, especially the portraits of the characters.

What comics have you been meaning to read?

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