Sunday, 28 December 2014

2015 Reading Goals and Challenges

I thought long and hard about what I wanted to read in 2015. In a nutshell, here's the reading goals I came up with:

1. Read a greater number of diverse books.
2. Continue exploring the wide realm of audiobooks.
3. Rekindle my love for fantasy books.
4. Whittle down my out of control TBR pile.
5. Broaden my tastes in comics and manga.
6. Catch up on some books series - even finish some!

Listing them was the easy part... It's all very well to have good intentions, but knowing me I'll get a third of the way through the year and give in to my reading muse.

This is why I've signed up for a few reading challenges to motivate me to achieve my reading goals. Over the next little while I'll be posting in greater detail why I signed up and my TBR for each one. Although I have the buttons and made progress bars for the Witches and Witchcraft, Official TBR Pile and Graphic Novels Challenges, I have not yet signed up on the hosts' websites as I need to post TBRs for each challenge first.

Now I know there's no way I'll complete all my reading challenges being a slowish reader. Hell, I might not even complete any! But that's not the point. I'd rather make progress on each of my reading challenges and thus reading goals than make no progress at all. 

So here's to a great year of reading in 2015!

Are you signing up for any reading challenges?

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